Father Son Brother Friend

by Adam Reverie

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I'm not sure how many of you have been with me from the beginning of my journey nor do I know how many of you will remain, but do know that with all my heart I'm thankful. I'm thankful because there was a time when I was the only person listening to my songs, but because of your everlasting support I no longer am the only one hearing my music. You have helped share it with those you've felt would appreciate my art and for that I dedicate this body of work to you - Rev


released 04 October 2013
Songs Recorded/Mixed by: Adam Reverie
Songs Mastered by: Dj iShine
Art Direction: Christina Smith & Adam Reverie



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Parental Advisory - Prod: V-Dizzle
Guns blazin motherfuckers put your hands up (HIGH)
Vice grip flow so any beat i'll handle
I'm looking at the game with a Birdman hand rub
Hungry blood so rap is looking like a banquet
Afraid of what nigga
Pen to a pad is like a whip to yo ass
So many slaves to the game
Just let Rev play the master
Let Rev play the master
So many styles he mastered
Loading 16's so when he rap feel like he blast ya
I'll mask up stronger than the sword of Damascus
At last a rapper heart as big as Atlas
But lost as Atlantis in the sea of wack rappers
They lifestyles I'm Magnum, a Golden era rapper (wrapper)
Pastor, Preacher, Orator Add them
With Tupac, Common, Andre (3000) that's Adam
I'm slaughter house lost member
Black Hippies competition
Born Sinner in a Maad City
Think You Fucking With me
Flow with a boat, where the Ocean at?
Don't think or hope better know he next
Head to the sky with my hand on my dick
with a scowl on my face like I just smelled shit
Better know that I meant what I spit
I'm a pit with a twitch in a ditch with a bitch
If you flinch imma bite with a grip each leg from ya hip
Imma bite with a grip each leg from ya hip REVERIE
As I son ya favorite rapper on my songs
As I son ya favorite rapper on my songs